The Moderna Museet brief was to create an App that would bring knowledge and proximity to the works of art within the Stockholm and Malmö museum. Our goal was to create a unique experience before, during, and after every visit. We wanted to deliver information in the right context and increase brand awareness. We also wanted to create an interactive experience, so we developed the Art Snob and an interactive 3D map.

*Not all slides are included

Interactive Map

The Moderna map is GPS friendly and routes your every move from your trip over the bridge to the exhibits inside. You can even plan a trip based on time, interests or if you have kids, and the map will find the right path for you. This 3D interactive map was developed on the same platform used for the video game Quake.

Art Snob

The Art Snob was inspired by Robert Rauschenbergs famous sculpture and the Moderna's icon, "Monogram." By placing QR-codes near numerous pieces of art within the museum, visitors would be able to scan a code and learn something fun and interesting from a humorous yet uptight goat.

Case Film

Below is a quick behind the scenes example of the voice and function of Monogram. Not loading?

Case film coming soon.

Hyper Island Module
Client | Moderna Museet
Role | Art Direction, Monogram construction and development, app identity and development
Team | Erik Arildsson, Joonas Jokela, Madm Fia, Emilia Åström, Chris Hall, Tre Wee